Stallion Community Hub

Stallion Community Hub CIC has plans to create a community service for the people of Llanelli and surrounding areas.  Our aim is to be a provider of preventative interventions. However, we recognise that some people have either already made some bad decisions in life or have experienced adversity for reasons outside of their control. As such, we are also a reactive intervention!

Our Aims

Stallion Community Hub CIC aims to utilise the art of boxing as a vehicle to transform the lives of existing and future generations!

We are still in the early stages of development. However, we have already secured a trusted and respected leadership team, that will support us to grow the business and achieve our mission!
Below are some examples of specific cohorts within our community that could benefit from our support;
• Those that have experienced or at risk of experiencing ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ (ACE’s) - enabling a positive transition into adulthood.
• Exploitation of Children e.g. County Lines - enabling a positive transition to a life of well-informed choices and improved decision making.
• Victims of crime - enabling a positive transition to life following an adverse experience.
• Ex-offenders - enabling a positive transition to life after serving a sentence.
• Care Leavers
• Members attending Pupil Referral Units
• Neurodivergencies – Tailored sessions to meet the learning style of the individual.
• Physical Disabilities – Tailored sessions to accommodate physical limitations.
• Physical Health - Those that require a Health and Wellbeing focussed plan to effectively manage health conditions e.g. Diabetes, Obesity etc.
• Mental Health  - Those that are lonely and feel isolated; we create a community safe-space.